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About Ndabeni Industrial

Ndabeni is one of the Industrial and Commercial hubs of Cape Town central to light industries, this area of Cape Town is the representative of the fashion and clothing industry. Perfectly situated between the airport and the fashion houses located in town, as well as making factory workers lives easier with the close proximity and the related commute from their homes to work, Ndabeni is a rapidly developing expansion of Industrial node of Cape Town. Strongly favored by the fashion industry because of location – property for sale / leasing has been earmarked over time by courier, construction, computer, electrical and car hire companies; as well as the film industry and sales and marketing organisations to name but a few. Warehouse space is an attractive option as is rail service and associated links allowing for dispatch convenience. Ndabeni has a chequered past of area segregation, upheavals and even bubonic plague. Yet the long term vision for the area as a development centric slice of the Peninsula has meant that both locals and outside investors have come to recognised the strategic importance and economic value of this area.

Ndabeni has been the long time home for companies such as Tiger Brands,  Willowton Group, Albany Bakeries, Nutrific, Steiner Hygiene, Merrypak, Dennes Engineering, AES, TSiBA Education and Bidvest Prestige. Head offices located in the area include Old Mutual, Servest, Herbalife, Caxton Magazines, the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services, and the SABS Accreditation and Certification offices.

As the location is completely central, areas such as Cape Town CBD and the harbour, West Coast, Milnerton Industrial precinct, Southern Suburbs, Airport Industrial , Northern Suburbs, Winelands and the Helderberg are within easy reach.

Source : Guide to Ndabeni.