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Vissershok Industrial Expansion

Vissershok Industrial Expansion

In 2010, the City of Cape Town announced that they had tabled an application requesting that the underdeveloped portion of the Vissershok site in the Cape’s Northern Suburbs be rezoned as a “noxious industry” area as opposed to a rural area. The reason behind this application was to allow for the extension of the solid waste and landfill site in Vissershok.

At the time of application, Cape Town only hosted two other landfill sites, namely Coastal Park and Bellville South. Despite having other options in the other two areas mentioned, Visserhok and Coastal Park are the only two sites designated for long-term use. Perhaps the biggest reason, though, is the fact that the existing Vissershok site is the only landfill site in Cape Town licensed to received hazardous waste, making the extension of the area essential to the council. The goal of the expansion of the site is to reach capacity by 2020.

And where are we now?

The biggest stumbling block in the efforts of the expansion is the relocation of over 360 families who currently reside in the rural parts of Vissershok.

Efforts continue for the expansion of the site with officials increasingly concerned by the diminishing space for waste disposal in South Africa.